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About Mateo ( Lav )

Self-taught 3D artist, with 3+ years of experience in computer-generated imagery. Worked on environment concepts, animation concepts and stills. Really huge passion for progress & becoming a high end artist, communicative and efficient inside a team.  

Where were you commisioned so far?

Created visual brandings & artworks for music artists  ( The Killers, Axel Thesleff, Far East Movement, many small clients ) Organized every project, and followed arranged deadline. 

What are you good for, Mateo?

3D Skills -  

  • Advanced knowledge of Cinema 4D ( compositing, animating, lightning )
  • Advenced knowledge of Autodesk Maya  ( compositing, animating, lightning, modeling, UV unwrapping )
  • Excellent knowledge of Blendermodeling, UV unwrapping ) 
  • Good skills with zBrush ( sculpting, texturing )
  • Good skills with Substance Designer & Painter ( texturing )
  • Good skills with World Machine ( procedural environment creation )

Editing Skills 

  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Excelent knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • Good skills with Adobe Premiere
  • Good skills with Adobe Illustrator